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Development of energy saving, environmental protection and green synthesis routes of siloxane

2020-02-09 3889489

篮球比分网即时比分90 One of them is to avoid the use of 14000 degree per ton of electricity consumption and a large number of charcoal smelting metal silicon, directly using silica as raw materials to synthesize downstream products of silicone. The new catalytic technology of green, energy-saving and environmental protection is used to synthesize organosilicon products with quartz sand as starting material. Subsequently, the Ministry of economy, industry and industry of the Japanese government allocated a subsidy of 2.4 billion yen (about 140 million yuan) to relevant units of the project to purchase advanced equipment in the 2013 budget.
In 2013, Japanese media reported that a national team composed of three companies, namely Xinyue chemical industry, Dongli Daokangning, Zhaohe electrical engineering, and four universities, namely Osaka City University, qunma University, Waseda University and Kansai University, has been formed to conduct scientific research and Research on innovative topics. And set the target, through 10 years of efforts, to achieve the synthesis of low-cost, ultra-high performance silicone materials.
(2) Research trends of researchers at Ball State University
In March 2014, JACS (Journal of the American Chemical Society) published the research results of researchers in the Department of chemistry of Ball State University: at room temperature, using the electrochemical method, the reaction of silica and methanol directly obtained D3 (yield 17-28%), D4 (yield 64-80%) and D5 (yield 5-8%) siloxane monomer mixed ring. The conversion of methanol is very high, but the voltage required for the reaction is very low.
In the new process, silica is used as raw material directly, and the steps of producing silicon metal by carboreduction silica are omitted. In this way, the energy consumption of organosilicon monomer synthesis will be greatly reduced, and the cost will also be greatly reduced. If this technology can be industrialized, it will bring revolutionary changes to the global silicone industry.
Both of the above are strategic and forward-looking research topics. It is a major technological innovation to save resources, green environment and reduce costs. It is an important scientific research work that the silicone industry must pay attention to in order to achieve sustainable development.

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