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Inspection situation of Milo chicken announced that "polydimethylsiloxane" test method has no national standard

2020-02-09 3889492

篮球比分网即时比分90 State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice on the 16th
Detection of Milo chicken. In 4 provinces (districts, cities) 22 McDonald's
Among the 35 samples of McNuggets and 33 samples of McNuggets frying oil, no McNuggets and frying oil were found“
Tert butyl hydroquinone
”More than《
food additives
hygienic standard
》(GB 2760-2007) the maximum allowable usage is 200mg / kg.
According to reports, the State Food and Drug Administration organized the food and beverage service and food safety supervision departments of Beijing, Liaoning, Shanghai and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to sample the McNuggets sold in McDonald's restaurants and their frying oil, and entrusted the food inspection agency with the national legal qualification to carry out the inspection.
For another food additive, polydimethylsiloxane, the national legal test method standard has not been promulgated. Relevant national departments are working hard to establish relevant testing methods.
Recently, the occurrence of "tert butylhydroquinone" and "polydimethylsiloxane" in McDonald's McNuggets has been widely concerned by the society, and caused controversy about food additives. According to the hygienic standard for the use of food additives (GB 2760-2007) and the Announcement No. 15 of August 7, 2007 issued by the Ministry of health, these two substances can be used as food additives in meat products, oil and fried food. The State Food and drug administration requires all catering service providers to strictly use food additives in accordance with the law, effectively strengthen food safety management, and provide safe and reassuring food for consumers.

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