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Does nursing shampoo have silicone oil or amino acid? Jinweina makes you no longer confused

2020-02-13 3889590

篮球比分网即时比分90 Nowadays, shampoos are emerging in an endless stream. They are both silicone free and amino acids. Social networks and celebrities are also planting grass with different effects. No silicone oil or amino acid, today jinweina will show you how different these two shampoos are.
Silicone free shampoo
Silicone oil usually refers to PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) in cosmetic products, also known as "silicone". It is non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, and is often used as film-forming agent and softener in cosmetic products. Its chemical bonds are flexible, easy to move, and low surface tension, so it can play a role of silk sliding. It is an indispensable raw material in many industries, and also widely used in skin care products, cosmetics products, shampoos.
The shampoo without silicone oil refers to the shampoo without silicone oil in the composition list. Its structure is very stable, it is not easy to produce degradation, and it is not easy to react with other substances under the normal standard. In other words, it will hardly be absorbed by the skin. Since it will not be absorbed by the skin, it will not have the potential of carcinogenesis as is often said in some propaganda.
It's just that some people who have too oily hair and few and collapsed hair really need to use silicone free shampoo. Because there is no silky effect of silicone oil, the hair will be more fluffy and look like more hair. If you have dry or neutral hair, be careful with silicone free shampoos, which can cause hair to dry and fidgety.
amino acid shampoo
Amino acid is a kind of surfactant (surfactant plays a cleaning role), its solution is weak acid, similar to skin, so the stimulation is less. Amino acid products can indeed reduce hair damage, and amino acids can integrate the polysaccharide substances on the skin and hair surface, and produce a layer of film on the skin surface, so as to achieve the water locking and moisturizing effect. After washing, the hair will be very moist.
No silicone oil, amino acid shampoo has advantages and disadvantages, we can buy according to the state of hair in that period of time interleaved use. The above is the experience of choosing shampoo summarized by jinweina for your reference.

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