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篮球比分网即时比分90 Ipn8710 non-toxic coating anti-corrosion spiral pipe has always been in the forefront of technology research and development. Our patented polysiloxane topcoat is changing the life cost of the coating. Based on the design of inorganic technology, acrylic polysiloxane topcoat can provide up to 4 times of weatherability and fade resistance compared with traditional polyurethane topcoat. However, the traditional polyurethane finish can only rely on recoating in such a long time to ensure its weatherability. Polysiloxane finish can be made into various colors. It will become the mainstream of the future development of topcoat. Ipn8710 anti-corrosion steel pipe primer for drinking water: it is composed of polyurethane polyethylene, modified epoxy resin, non-toxic anti rust pigments and fillers, additives, etc. it is solidified at room temperature to form an interpenetrating network, with dense coating structure and acid resistance. Ipn8710 anti-corrosion steel pipe finish for drinking water: it is composed of epoxy resin, rubber resin modified, non-toxic anti rust pigments and fillers, additives, etc. Excellent chemical resistance, non-toxic, anti microbial corrosion.
Ipn8710 non-toxic coating anti-corrosion steel pipe is mainly used for water supply pipe of municipal water company at present. The external anti-corrosion steel pipe is generally made of glass cloth wrapped with two cloth and three oil epoxy coal tar pitch anti-corrosion steel pipe, which is composed of base band and set adhesive. The baseband is made of reinforced synthetic fiber polypropylene non-woven fabric, impregnated with epoxy coal tar pitch base material adhesive and degreased; the set adhesive is made of solvent-free epoxy coal tar pitch mixed by a and B, which is divided into normal temperature and low temperature according to the season temperature. At the time of delivery, the base belt is equipped with 4 square meters and 1kg set adhesive for matching supply. In addition, anti-corrosion pipeline products are also widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, urban public utilities and other industries, i.e. oil, gas, water, gas, heating and other geographical steel pipelines and steel pipe storage tanks. There are many kinds of corrosive media in the epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosive steel pipe, such as acid, alkali, salt, oxidant and water vapor, etc. the coating must be chemically inert, acid and alkali salt resistant, and the coating shall be of dense structure, good waterproof permeability, strong adhesion, toughness and fullness.
Ipn8710 special coating for drinking water is a new type of anticorrosive coating with strong adhesion, high strength, impact resistance, hydrolysis resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance and excellent weather resistance. It is suitable for the inner wall of various equipment and facilities, steel structure and concrete surface such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, transportation, food, gas tank, pipeline, storage tank, etc. as long-term anticorrosive coating, it can also be used for buried pipeline Internal and external wall anti-corrosion and cooling tower internal wall anti-corrosion coating cyanoagulation anti-corrosion coating belongs to aromatic polyurethane, with superior chemical resistance, heat resistance and radiation resistance, good physical and mechanical properties, high strength, wear resistance and luster, excellent anti-corrosion performance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali salt resistance, industrial waste gas resistance, mainly used for concrete surface, chemical equipment, pipeline, oil tank, water gate, dam, wharf, mine The main products of our factory are epoxy coal tar pitch coating, acrylic acid coating, polyurethane coating, polyethylene coating, high chlorination coating, chlorinated rubber coating, chlorosulfonation coating and ipn8710 non-toxic special coating for drinking water pipeline
Precautions for ipn8710 anticorrosive steel pipe:
1. The product shall be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, isolated from the fire source and away from the heat source.
2. This product is a thick paste coating, which is suitable for thick coating construction without sagging. After opening the barrel, it can be brushed without diluent.
3. After the coating has been stored for a long time, it will precipitate slightly and should be stirred before use.
4. After the coating is prepared, it will ripen for 20 minutes in summer and 1.5-2 hours in winter. Generally, it will be used up within 8 hours, otherwise, the viscosity will be thickened and it is not easy to construct.
5. After the primer surface is dry, the top coat can be applied. The interval at room temperature should not be more than two days, otherwise it will affect the bonding between layers. The time gap between each layer of top coat is also better to be surface dry
Ipn8710 drinking water anti-corrosion steel pipe belongs to the "chemical reactive" coating, which is packed in two components. Component A is resin, initiator, and component B is active monomer and catalyst. Therefore, before use, the two components must be weighed according to the specified important proportion, mixed and stirred evenly, and allowed to be matured for 30 minutes before construction. The matured coating should be used up within 6 to 8 hours to avoid cement waste. The ratio is as follows: primer, component A: component B = 1 barrel: 1 barrel. Please strictly match (or construct according to the ratio notified by the manufacturer at that time) the top coat, component A: component B = 1 barrel: 1 barrel. Please apply the first paint in strict accordance with the required proportion (or according to the proportion notified by the manufacturer at that time). After the first paint is applied, wait more than 24 hours at most, and then apply the second paint. After the paint is used, the end of the packaging barrel must be tightly sealed, otherwise it is easy to be affected by moisture, alcohol and water and deteriorate. The paint film can not be put into use until it is dried at room temperature for 7-10 days after construction at room temperature.

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