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Hydroxypropyl silicone oil MY2030

    篮球比分网即时比分90 Key words: hydroxypropyl silicone oil, anti-graffiti additives, release agent, release agent

    Product property and categorization: Reactive hydroxypropyl silicone oil, which can be used to synthesize silicone-polyurethane/polyester block polymers (this is the use).


    Summary: Hydroxypropyl silicone oil MY2030 is a linear organofunctional polysiloxane that can be used as an active component in a suitable polymer due to the presence of a terminal primary hydroxyl group.


    Product physical properties:

    Appearance: colorless or yellow transparent oily liquid

    Active ingredient: ≥90%


    Remarks: Other specifications can be produced according to customer's specific requirements.


    Product Features:

    Improve polymer low temperature flexibility.

    Gives the polymer good processing fluidity.

    Due to the automatic aging effect of silicone, the polymer produces excellent barrier and release properties.

    Improve temperature resistance.

    Improve wear resistance


    Instructions and fields of use:

    Resistant marker, anti-graffiti effect, modified polydimethylsiloxane for solvent-based anti-graffiti coatings with additional peelability. It has limited compatibility with aromatic hydrocarbons and can be diluted with esters, ketones and alcohols.

    A small amount (3% to 30%, depending on the desired properties) is added to replace the polyol in the original formulation.

    MY2030 can be used as a release agent and release agent with excellent performance. The recommended addition amount is usually 3-20%. Mainly used in silicone rubber, polyurethane, paint and so on.


    Packing: 1KGS, 5KGS, 25KGS, 200KGS/barrel  / IBC drum

    Storage and expiration date: sealed storage, storage period of 12 months at room temperature, contact with tin (such as metal containers) will shorten storage stability.

    Transportation requirements: This product is non-dangerous, and storage and transportation are carried out according to general chemicals.

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